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Welcome to our new blog! We will be keeping this updated with our latest news, jobs and case studies that we are working on.

After seeing an article in the Daily Record, which told us of the despicable and pointless vandalism of the shop RE:Tune, our Managing Director, Colin Murray said that he; “experienced the strong urge that we had to do something to help this very worthy operation, as it is people who have served their country who are the victims of a completely mindless act”.

Re:Tune is a charitable project, which gives ex-servicemen and women a chance to ‘reclaim their potential by developing new skills through learning how to build and repair guitars. The people at RE:Tune produce wonderful guitars which take months to complete and it is appaling that they were a victim to such a horrible crime.

We visited the workshop in the East End, where he met David McHarg, the founder of RE:Tune. It was there that he learned more of the background of RE:Tune, and saw how important this facility is to these ex-service men and women to help them readjust to civilian life, by teaching them new skills and making positive changes in their life.

Colin said; “I was originally going to offer a donation to try and help RE:Tune get back on its feet, but following my chat with David, he noticed that we were Electrical Contractors so asked if he could get ‘a couple of sockets installed’ ”.

The outcome of this was that we completely replaced all the light fittings with modern twin fluorescent units, to allow the people in the workshop to properly see what they are working on. In addition to this, once the unit has been redecorated we will be returning to install the additional power points that David asked for, and anything else that will help with their working environment.

Managing Director, Colin Murray said; “We look forward to a long association with RE:Tune and we encourage anyone to support this project in any way they can, as this is a wonderful facility for people who have given their bit to our country”.

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