Glasgow Royal Infirmary

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We are very pleased to be working at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary to carry out functional discharge tests of emergency lighting throughout the hospital.

Magnus are contracted to do emergency lighting installations and tests regularly, as we did with Gallacher Court before Christmas.

The British Standards has clear guidelines where emergency lighting should be installed such as; hospitals, nightclubs, schools, nursing homes, offices, licensed premises and many other.

It is essential that servicing and maintenance of emergency lighting systems is carried out at regular intervals to ensure that the system remains in a fully operational condition.

When doing the discharge, we test a number of things which include;
The luminosity of all luminaries
Standby battery charge life,
Functionality of illuminated signage
Operation of the key switches (where they are present).

It is extremely important to ensure that all emergency lighting is working to it’s full potential, and this should be done every year or in accordance with the manufacturers guide.